Our Centers

The Timothy Smith Network, in partnership with various community organizations provides, comprehensive technology education services to residents of the greater Roxbury community. These organizations are located in a variety of social service agencies, health centers, community development corporations, standalone community technology centers, and faith-based organizations throughout the Greater Roxbury area. People of all ages have access to state of the art computer technology and to programs as rich in diversity as the neighborhood the network serves. These programs build the capacity of the people of Roxbury as they acquire the knowledge and skills critical to success in our increasingly technology-driven world.
Here are our TSN Centers:

Boston Neighborhood Network

3025 Washington Street

Roxbury, MA, 02119

Central Boston Elder Services

2315 Washington Street

Roxbury, MA, 02119

Freedom House

5 Crawford Street

Dorchester, MA, 02121

Hattie B. Cooper Community Center

1891 Washington Street

Roxbury, MA, 02118

IBA Community Technology Center

100 W. Dedham Street

Boston, MA, 02118

John A. Shelburne Community Center

2730 Washington Street

Roxbury, MA, 02119

La Alianza Hispana

1000 Massachusetts Ave. # 101

Boston, MA, 02118

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries

1010 Harrison Avenue

Roxbury, MA, 02119

North American Indian Center of Boston, Inc.

105 South Huntington Avenue

Jamaica Plain, MA, 02130

Orchard Gardens Boys and Girls Club TSN Lab

2 Dearborn Street

Roxbury, MA, 02119

Paige Academy

28 Highland Avenue

Roxbury, MA, 02119

Parent University Technology Center

21 Deckard Street

Dorchester, MA, 02121

Project Place

1145 Washington Street

Boston, MA, 02118

Roxbury Community College

1234 Columbus Ave, Building #4, Room 103C

Roxbury, MA, 02120

Roxbury Innovation Center

2300 Washington Street, 2nd Floor

Roxbury, MA, 02119

South End Technology Center at Tent City

359 Columbus Avenue

Boston, MA, 02116

St. Katharine Drexel

175 Ruggles Street

Roxbury, MA, 02120

The Clubhouse Network

2107 Washington Street

Roxbury, MA, 02119

The Dimock Center

55 Dimock Street

Roxbury, MA, 02119

Timothy Smith Network

20 Eustis Street

Roxbury, MA, 02119

Timothy Smith Technology Lab at Dewitt Center

122 Dewitt Drive

Roxbury, MA, 02120

Tobin/Mission Hill Community Center

1481 Tremont Street

Roxbury, MA, 02120

United South End Settlements

36 Rutland Street

Boston, MA, 02118

Urban League of Eastern Mass.

88 Warren Street

Roxbury, MA, 02119

Vine Street Community Center

339 Dudley Street

Roxbury, MA, 02119

Yawkey Club of Roxbury TSN Center

115 Warren Street

Roxbury, MA, 02119