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In today's world, understanding how to effectively use a computer and the Internet is critical for people of every age.

It is the key to a better job, a richer life, a stronger community. Yet too often, those who have not been exposed to the benefits of technology are afraid of it or don't see the role it can play in their lives. At the Timothy Smith Network, we see technology as a tool that creates possibilities, inspires action, and changes lives.

Below is a photo slideshow which shows the support & experiences of our centers, partners, supporters and the people of Roxbury.

2018 TSN Annual Meeting Photos!Jun 25, 2018Celebrating a 100 Year Legacy. Our 2018 Annual Meeting, "Making Connections through Partnerships!" We showed off our - Visionary Award Recipient, Haley House Catered Food, Vendors, Speakers, Technology Demo, and more! We were glad to see you there, if not-- you can still experience below!

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2018 TSN Annual Meeting Photos!Jun 25, 2018
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3D Printing & DesignApr 05, 2018As simple as it may seem. Within the 60 seconds of mLab's (Mbadika Laboratory) video using Tinkercad and a #3DPrinter - students and viewers are exposed to a full STEAM curriculum of; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math. More programs in which TSN is starting to offer more of will expose participants to a full STEM/STEAM curriculum along with using state-of-the-art equipment. For more STEM & STEAM offerings click the following link -->

To watch full video click the following --> [YouTube]

3D Printing & DesignApr 05, 2018