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Concetta at United South End SettlementsI am a journalist. 

I studied communication at the University of the West Indies, in Jamaica.  I’ve been in the business for about 20 years.  My first media job was at our local radio station in my Caribbean island of Dominica.  From there I was transferred to the Government Information Service.  It’s our version of the White House Press office.

When I came here to Boston, 10 years ago, I talked my way into a job at CBS, over on Soldiers Field Road.  I still clearly remember being traumatized by two things:  the size of the newsroom and the computer on each desk.  Back at my old job, we were still editing reel tape by cutting it with a razor blade!  At WBZ everything, including editing sound, was being done digitally—on a computer.  And I knew nothing about computers!

So I had to learn—and fast.  But I was never really comfortable around computers.  So when United South End Settlements offered this Online Learning Readiness course, I grabbed the opportunity.  And the intensive 14-week program did not disappoint.

The course covered topics like computer basics, including computer software and hardware..and Internet security and privacy.

I found the job hunting sessions particularly informative.  Learning to sell myself in my resume, instead of just listing what I can do.  And the importance of preparing for job interviews.  In a drill with consultant Adreenne law posing an an employer – I was doing well until she asked:  What is your greatest weakness? And I said I didn’t have child care!

Well du-uh!  Goodbye job!  I should have said:  I tend to want to do everything myself—but now I’m learning to designate responsibility.  No matter how well qualified you are for the job, a slip like that can derail your success.

Being self-employed, I needed to upgrade my computer skills to help me function more smoothly in today’s Internet age.  I wanted to confidently navigate through Microsoft Word, learn how to create spreadsheets in Excel, put a PowerPoint presentation together.

I couldn’t understand PowerPoint before this course.  This training exceeded my expectations. On behalf of my fellow participants, I congratulate those involved in putting it together.  And thank you.  United South End Settlements, President Kevin Hepner, Kate Lopci, the directory of Workforce Readiness, and my instructor that worked endlessly to teach us, Keith Simon, for giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and to believe in myself.

- Concetta
United South End Settlements

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