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Success Stories

Vivian - United South End Settlements             Vivian came to USES with a strong background and passion for creating communities of support that promote children’s success at school and in life.  As a membership specialist with the Girl Scouts, she worked within the Boston neighborhoods to increase community outreach, program coordination and community organizing activities to engage families, community-based organizations, businesses, churches, and other stakeholders in the work of strengthening, enriching and improving the lives of young girls.  Vivian continued her work to enhance the lives of Boston’s youth as the Program Manager at GRASP Inc. and as the Director at Roxbury Presbyterian Church Social Impact Center After School Program.  She holds a MAT degree from Simmons College in Elementary Education and is committed to closing the school readiness gap for all children and of ensuring that children of all races, ethnicities, incomes, abilities, and languages have the opportunities and support they need to enter kindergarten ready for success in school and beyond. 

           Vivian was referred to USES through the OLLR Internship Program, for a Data Entry position. During the interview process Leah Samura Technology Coordinator and Teresa Malone Educational Counselor/Intake Coordinator were astonished to hear that Vivian had far more work experience thus referred her to the Business Development department. During three-month internship process, Vivian worked on grant research, funders, private donors, she has gained great knowledge and experience of Business Development field which lead to a full time position as Coordinator for the Thrive in 5, at USES.

                We are looking forward to work with Vivian and we wish a long and a meaningful career at USES.


United South End Settlements

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