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Success Stories

Deborah Ansourlian at Hattie B. Cooper Community Center

"Our kids, often at a very young age, confront very difficult decisions about gangs, violence, and drugs.

Since the Timothy Smith Center opened at Hattie B. Cooper Community Center in 2008, there’s been a steady stream of children ages 3 to 13 in our pre-school and after-school programs who have experienced the joy and challenge of using computers.

When our pre-schoolers first start to learn computer skills, there’s usually a high level of frustration with many little voices crying, “Help me, Mr. Jeremy. Help me.” But soon, the kids learn their way around the software programs, with each one experiencing their own “ah ha” moment. Often, they rely on each other when they are stuck.

When a class comes into the computer lab, they’re talking and laughing, but once they hear the instructions, ‘Go to your seat’, a sudden intensity of purpose comes over them. Each child is aware of how quickly their long-awaited computer time passes and is eager to begin using their favorite program. It’s inspiring to see these children realize they are loved and cared for, and they have options.”

- Deborah Ansourlian
Executive Director, Hattie B. Cooper Community Center

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