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Our Impact


The activities of the TSN focus in three primary areas:

  • Coordinating the purchase of equipment, furniture and supplies for all TS Centers
  • Securing operational funding in support of programs at TS Centers
  • Developing, procuring, and implementing innovative technology-focused programs and classes that meet the needs of community residents.


Since 2003 working in conjunction with the TS Centers, the TSN has provided almost 1,154,351 hours of technology classes and services to 41,791 residents of Boston.  In 2014-2016 alone over 46,000 students came to TS Centers for open access, STEM programs in out-of-school time settings, basic technology classes, and job readiness training through the TSN’s Online Learning Readiness program.  This year the TSN partnered with Bunker Hill Community College to offer college credit courses at TS Centers and began running classes leading to Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.



Since its creation in 1996, the Timothy Smith Fund for “Old Roxbury” (TSF) has provided over $8.62 million to the TSN for equipment, curriculum materials and program supplies at TS Centers and the establishment of computer labs at within Boston Public Schools.  This support from the Timothy Smith Fund has been more than matched by independent fundraising for operational monies by the TSN ($6.01 million) as well as that of the TS Centers ($12.47 million).



Since 2008 the Timothy Smith Network has established state-of-the-art technology labs at 12 Boston Public Schools (BPS) located in the geographic area served by the TSN.  The value of the equipment provided totals $451,000.  Our most recent endeavor with the McKinley Schools established the first Fab Lab in a BPS location giving students an opportunity for innovation and invention while providing stimulus for local entrepreneurship.
















Lego Robitcs 

Focus:  During this program, students are introduced to theconcepts

in engineering using LEGO robotics. Students gain

experience in designging, building, operating, and programing

robotic devices to solve problems. 

Timeframe:  2016 - 2017

# Served:  152


92% of those completing OLLR were successfully placed!


Youth Capture the Colorful Cosmos 

Focus:  Astro-photography combining STEM and the arts in an out

of school program for middle school youth

Timeframe:  Fall 2012 to Spring 2017

Budget:  $15,000

Grantor:  Smithsonian Institution

# Served: 461 youth



YCCC students using giant telescope to see the stars and the moon





·         Expand our impact in the Greater Roxbury community and Boston so that more residents of all ages can use technology and the resources it provides to bring about positive change in their lives

·         Increase support services so that TS Centers can offer innovative, effective programming to meet an ever-widening range of residents’ needs

·         Continue and expand OLLR in response to the need for technology and job readiness skills in 21st century jobs

·         Expand the variety of STEM programs in out-of-school time settings

·         Share experience and in-house developed materials with technology centers in Boston outside of the geographic area served by the Timothy Smith Fund

·         Develop sustainable funding and resource streams to enable TS Centers to offer additional programming an expanded hours