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Our Centers

The Timothy Smith Network, in partnership with various community organizations, provides comprehensive technology education services to residents of the greater Roxbury community. People of all ages have access to state of the art computer technology and to programs as rich in diversity as the neighborhood the network serves. These programs build the capacity of the people of Roxbury as they acquire the knowledge and skills critical to success in our increasingly technology-driven world. The centers are located in a variety of social service agencies, health centers, community development corporations, standalone community technology centers, and faith-based organizations throughout the Greater Roxbury area. All TSN sites receive technological upgrades through the year 2019 ensuring that their equipment remains state-of-the-art. With this as the base, the TSN is working to strengthen the TSN sites by assisting them to implement strategies and standards for developing and sustaining their operations and for improving the efficiency, scale and quality of their programs. Several initiatives are underway in this endeavor:

  • The TSN has developed learning standards for classes offered at TSN Centers and is currently developing or acquiring curricula appropriate to these objectives and to the clients we serve.
  • Certification and train-the-trainer opportunities are being provided to TSN Centers participating in the Boston Connects Grant.


Here are our TSN centers: